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Batik is back – das aus Indonesien stammende Färbeverfahren sorgt auch bei diesem Batik-Shirt für Furore. Neben der stylishen Optik punktet das Modell mit seiner lässigen Kastenform und einem Knotendetail am Saum. Skinny Jeans im coolen Moon-Wash-Design setzen das Batik-Shirt mit Rundhalsausschnitt und kurzen Ärmeln großartig in Szene. Ein fancy Look gelingt mit einer farblich abgestimmten Palazzo-Hose.

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Alfred Publishing Snell Keith - Belwin Master D...
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A proven source of graded duets for both the student and teacher of brass and woodwind instruments. Each volume contains works from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical periods, folk songs and traditional tunes, and a selection of original compositions by Keith Snell in a variety of styles. A useful source of repertoire. Contains: Allegretto (Anonymous) * Allegro (Anonymous) * Ballet (Turk) * The British Grenadiers (English Traditional) * Churchill´s March (English Traditional) * Concert Duet in Three Movements (Snell) * Gigue (Telemann) * Irish Washer Woman (Irish Traditional) * Polonaise (Mozart) * Portland Fancy (American Traditional) * Prelude (Bach) * Shenandoah (Traditional Sea Chantey) * Sonata (Handel) * Swiss Folk Tune (Traditional) * Two Courtly Masques (Anonymous).

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Vladimir Putin: Life Coach
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What can the rise and reign of this century´s most feared politician teach us about life, work and love? Rob Sears shows how the machinations that enabled Putin to dominate the Kremlin and undermine the United States of America could also help you take control of your mundane life. How would you like to ruin your enemies by sharing compromising material about that time they didn´t wash their hands? Or annex territory by claiming the stationery cupboard at work as your personal empire? Fancy hacking democracy at the parent-teacher association to ensure you´re a shoo-in for social secretary? Or serving up a cold dish called revenge in a high street restaurant? Filled with stories from Putin´s extraordinary time in power, and ideas and illustrations to help you emulate him on a small scale, Vladimir Putin: Life Coach is the ultimate guide to releasing the pseudo-elected, judo black belt, 5D chess-playing autocrat inside each and every one of us.

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Mary´s Christmas Goodbye: An Amish Romance , Hö...
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Mary Stoltzfus is 30 years old, splashed with freckles, and unmarried. In her Amish world, that qualifies her to be called an old maid. She is living her quiet schoolteacher life in the Lancaster County Amish community when she gets a surprising invitation in the mail one day. Would she come to Montana to teach? Of course not, she decides, fully at home in Eastern Pennsylvania, where she can go out to eat in dozens of restaurants, do her laundry in a newfangled washer that´s powered by compressed air, and hire a driver if she wants to go farther than her horse and buggy can comfortably take her. What is there to do in Montana? she sniffs. But soon she becomes annoyed by the cracks in the floor of her one-room schoolhouse, the noise of the nearby road, and the two eighth-grade boys who try to make toilet-paper cigarettes and nearly burn down the privy. Before long, Mary is on Amtrak - ´´just to take care of her curiosity´´, she explains to her mother. She arrives at a desolate station and meets Arthur Bontrager, who had signed the invitation and has come to introduce her to Beaver Creek School, dirt roads, and the fancy shed where she would live. When she settles into this world of mountain ranges and pine-tree majesty, her old buried questions - about why no man had ever been her match - have come along to live with her. After she´s injured by wild dogs on her walk home from school, Mary faces new questions. Is she weak if she accepts a Bouvier des Flandres dog from Arthur´s friend? Who is the young woman in the photo at Arthur´s house? And why does Mary suddenly care? Does she really belong back in Lancaster? 1. Language: English. Narrator: Emily Caldwell. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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