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This audiobook has 500 powerful and positive affirmations that will catapult you to great heights that you´ve never even imagined before. You´ve probably heard a version of Earl Nightingale´s famous quote from the 1956 book The Strangest Secret, which says, "´The secret´ is that you are what you think. You become what you think about. You can create the life you want, simply by thinking the right thoughts". Buddha had already said it, "The mind is everything. What you think, you become." But what exactly does this really mean? Does it mean just thinking occasionally about how fancy you want your life to be or does it mean obsessing about it every single moment? Well, while you may not realistically think about something every passing moment, the truth is that you can infuse the right thoughts (in this case; success thoughts) into your mind to help you attract the success that you desire so much. Just as Buddha and Nightingale put it, if you want to attract success, you have to think success. This success doesn´t necessarily have to be material possessions; it could be health, happiness, relationship, and in many facets of your life that many of us find it hard to succeed at. If you are searching for the ultimate solution to any of your personal and professional struggles that limit your success, you´re in luck because this book contains magical "elixirs" that can transform you into a powerful, confident, courageous, and self-assured person who´s not afraid of taking risks. It aims to help you unlock and realize your true, full potential, and instill the motivation and confidence you need to work incredibly hard to actualize your goals and aims. Listen to this audiobook today and transform into a powerful, confident, courageous, and self-assured person! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Dave Wright. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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